Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Journey...

Travelling far and wide...
Searching for one thing
That would anchor me to some place.
A place I can call home.

I saw the Sun rise above -
Scorching everything on surface

I saw silvery beam of Moon -
Soothing the sea in the horizon.

I saw the twinkling of stars -
Winking behind the clouds.

I saw the tree's branches -
Swaying to the symphony of wind.

I saw waterfalls -
Making path through mountains. Falling graciously.

I saw thunderstorm brewing up -
Turning night into a sudden flash of bolt.

I saw rain. Soaking me.
Drying my tears. Laundering the Earth

All I wish is for harmony.
That I encountered in nature,
While I traveled.
And still a long way to go.
To walk. To seek.
To find myself...

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