Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mumbai Inspiration...

In continuation to Mumbai article- “the city of dreams”, the city helped me to recognize my love for writing. Probably that’s why it seemed inappropriate to complete this piece and publish while I was away from this city. I am here again today. And it just seemed… right.
I have never been inspired to write as much as I was inspired here in this city during my internship. This might be probably because after long I got time to think and introspect on what I want and not just make choices out of the options available in front of me. And sometimes, we think so much while making the right choice that we forget to ponder upon the future aspect of same. We just want to make decision and get on with life.

Mumbai made me realize that making decision isn’t the only thing necessary but to walk on that path is more essential. And believe me it takes lots of guts to do so. Because taking decision is easy. Taking right decision from wrong is only the key to the door, to enter the room of that Decision is the one that is necessary. Because not everyone is capable of doing it. We either give up or conclude that it is the wrong room and we just walk away leaving it open. There are two reasons to keep that room open:
1. We do not think it as important so to close it. It seems trivial now.
2. We want something to fall back to, just in case the “other” decision doesn’t work out well. A back-up.

The point here is Mumbai made me realize to stick to the plan. It is hard to explain how, but it just is. Not just 2.7 months that I spent here were learning experience but whenever I am in this city, there’s something new that I realize, about this city, about myself. Maybe it is because of this impact that the city brings in an individual, that attracts so many people here or maybe it is the rains that plays the magic, as the one that’s here now. Mumbai and its rains truly are a deadly combination.

That’s the reason that I would probably title this as #MumbaiInspiration.

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