Monday, July 15, 2013

Mumbai - A saga

There would be many articles written on this city. Still you read more and are awed by it, again!

Every individual that comes here has their own individual story; their dreams; their success; their failures. At the end it is this city, so aptly dubbed 'city of dreams', that connects their story, in turn connecting them.

Mumbai is city where one will find everything one wants. It has Vadapav stalls for the times when you have got stitch in your pocket. And there is Taj, when you want to spent lavishly on food.

There is Marine Drive. So serene! You can let the water the wash away all your pains. And the local trains rush, where you can get lost in the crowd.

It would be injustice if I speak of Mumbai and do not mention Mumbai Rains. I had an amazing monsoon this time, in Mumbai. There is rain everywhere, but you enjoy rains of few cities. Like heaven itself has opened up to the city, and pouring down.

The best place in Mumbai during rains is the travel by local trains (if they are still working or not running late!). Take the train to BCT and walk the road to Marine drive. All you will remember is the walk down the road; the crashing of water on the prominent stones that forms the pearls of the chain on the Mumbai shore; rain falling down on your face, splitting into hundreds more; on your palm, forming the random drops on them; on your bare foor; soaking your tee...

Be the child in this rain. Jump in the puddles till your legs get tire of it. Re-learn making boats. Sail them. Make your Mum make garam-garam bhajias with the pudhina chutney.

This city has not just given me rains and the few hours of serenity, it has made me realize things which I hadn't earlier. But more on that - next time.

Till then, enjoy rains and have bhajias and just follow the dreams for which you came to this city... Mumbai...

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