Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Impact...

(Concept of impact theory inspired from movie 'The Vow')

It is true that to grow old is a privilege that is known and experienced by few. It’s not just growing old that is a privilege but growing old with someone who knows your dreams; your hopes; your success; your failure; your quirks; your kinks… someone who has not just being there when the world turned pearly-shaped but has held your hands throughout those times.

But we seldom find such intimate moments. The moments catalyzed by the impact. The impact changes everything and all that remains are those moments. The impact can be in any form... it can be as simple as change in weather suddenly. It is the moment spend that counts.

Some moments are cherished by just the touch. The touch that remains etched in the memory, even though the impact of it has long past gone. The touch can be chaste kiss or just simple holding of the hand. The trust that flows, and warms your heart with a simple show of affection. Strange how just holding out through even single finger can make a difference.

That touch changes with couple in 20’s holding hands to show their presence to couple in late 30’s to show support to couple in early 50’s showing the care that they have found for each other over the years of togetherness. The unconditional affection, the compassion that is seen the eyes of old couples whose battered eyes have not just seen the sunny days but also the peevish nights is incomparable. To have that someone is really a privilege known to few and growing old with one is something that is not guaranteed to every one of us…

Wait for that moment. That impact that changes the path of every particle, the collision that is then caused would be the moment for you…

Disclaimer: The writer is neither a consultant nor an advisor. The definitions and ideas in the above article are writer's own. Readers believe at their own risk. Any similarity to anyone's work on the topic is mere a coincidence. There is no deliberate attempt to defame any brand. The writer does not have a bias towards anything. Examples are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or brands, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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