Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mumbai... Are Grapes Sour??

I will never get tire of writing about this city… Mumbai.

Few months back I wrote about inspiration that Mumbai brought in my life. This is the take that I usually get from people around me who talk about Mumbai.

Although everyone is attracted by the chauka-chandni of Mumbai there are set of people who are not so much attracted by it. They are not so impressed by the dream city. I quote: “Mumbai is good for a day but when I return to Pune I feel so… relieved”, as said by one of my colleague who returned after a weekend in Mumbai.

Another review- my roommate, like me, did her internship in Mumbai last summer, but unlike me she would wait with bated breath for weekends so that she can return to Pune. She hated the crowd in Mumbai. She felt suffocated walking on the streets whereas the some like me love to get lost in the crowd in Mumbai.

My colleague loved T2, chaat at Chowpatty and my roommate enjoyed the variant food options available (psst… that’s because it is cheaper comparatively)

Even though they both enjoyed in their own way, the way of Mumbai… but they feel better and relaxed in Pune… no wonder Pune once was known as the ‘retirement city…’

The above are just 2 random quotes I have used, which I have recently heard but I have heard similar views about Mumbai, as, although city has lots to offer but over a period of time they do not find it as appealing as it was to them in the beginning. Might be because they would have realize that all that glitters is actually not gold… or is it grapes are sour??!!

Disclaimer: The writer is neither a consultant nor an advisor. The definitions and ideas in the above article are writer's own. Readers believe at their own risk. Any similarity to anyone's work on the topic is mere a coincidence. There is no deliberate attempt to defame any choice. The writer does not have a bias towards any choices. Examples are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons or life situations, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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