Monday, February 17, 2014

The 90’s

Recently I saw a video that brought back memories of 90’s. It made me nostalgic as well as kind of made me see the purity that was found, then. It portrayed how closely-knitted we were back then when having a telephone or television was a privilege, not just that but its usability was shared not in a family but by complete colony, in some cases.

It reminded me of time when we used to watch ad of Dhara because it coincided with name of my friend and we used to have a gala time teasing her by chanting the ad song repeatedly. It reminded me when we used to mimic Shaktimaan and dreamt to fight Tamraj and Dr. Jailkal. There was always a kid around who would think Tamraj as his hero and would go around quoting him “Andhera Kaayam Rahe”. Or that Mowgli was the only cartoon that we watched. The sad thing is, my nephew and niece do not know the bliss of singing “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali hai… pata chala hai…” at the top of our voices while riding our bicycle (which was shared between my sister and me). They have just heard it as a ringtone on my cell. Sad.

The video just didn’t brought memories of moments and ads and serials featured in the video collection, but also made me brought back memories of the time that we spend as kid in school. 5 hands in one tiffin-box although there were just 4 of us surrounding the tiffin. It reminded me of the pact to exchange the comics because we were not allowed to buy all the editions of Tinkle or Chacha Choudhary. Money-crunch.

But the 90’s have gone now. We are in the era of internet, where the friend request are send through Facebook and we need to wait for notifications to see whether it is accepted or probably spammed, if not accepted. We are in the age where postman bring in more of the unwanted bills than good news. We are able to take out time to work overtime but do not have time to watch a movie with our loved ones or be a spectator at our kid’s first stage performance. We are so much engrossed in our appraisals that we do not look up from our sheaf of papers to appreciate our child's performance report. And we conclude everything to nothing but to a phrase- “Zamaana badal gaya…"

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